Manual Therapy
Sports Injury
Foot & Ankle
Equestrian PT
Pain Management
Head & TMJ Pain
Geriatric PT
Total Joint PT
Work Injury

We provide consultation and rehabilitation to those who have pain, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease or other causes.

Our staff has extensive training and experience in the treatment of:

Neuromusculoskeletal manual therapeutic rehabilitation
Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation
Foot and ankle biomechanics
Physical therapy for the equestrian athlete
Pain management
Headache and temporomandibular disorders
Geriatric orthopedic and neurologic disorders
Joint replacement rehabilitation
Work injury prevention and rehabilitation

Additionally, we participate in various multidisciplinary medical teams in our area and we are actively involved in clinical education and research.

At the time of the first patient visit, an evaluation shall be performed, as complete as possible, by the physical therapist. All pertinent information that can be ascertained will be recorded on the evaluation form, including, but not limited to:
  1. diagnosis related to treatment program
  2. history of onset
  3. previous incidence of the same problem
  4. other medical problems as relevant to therapy treatment
  5. current level of physical function
  6. limitations of physical mobility and flexibility
  7. limitations of strength
  8. limitations of endurance and stamina
  9. therapy treatment care plan
  10. objectives and short and long term goals

The initial evaluation shall be reviewed and revised at least monthly. Any serious problems shall be discussed with the patient’s physician.