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Total Joint Arthroplasty
State-of-the-art medicine now allows you to be pain free in your joint movements. With the advancement of surgical technologies and rehabilitation techniques you can be more active with the help of the staff at Active Physical Therapy. It might be the time for you to take that old joint out and get a new high-tech replacement. After you and your surgeon have made that decision, it is time to consult with your Active Physical Therapy physical therapist to establish a plan to regain your activities.

Before surgery...
At Active Physical Therapy you will receive a pre-surgical consultation with the referral of your orthopedic surgeon. The pre-surgical consultation will address home safety and hospital preparation. Also, it is strongly advised that anyone considering total joint replacement, should embark upon an exercise program before surgery for weight reduction and improved pre-surgical fitness.

When your surgeon orders physical therapy, you may begin your return to an active lifestyle. With the initial evaluation of your physical therapist at Active Physical Therapy, you will begin your road to recovery and a more active life. Your physical therapist will establish a plan to reach your goals. The treatment will consist of therapeutic exercises, transfer training, gait training, emergency evacuation skills, balance activities, precaution education, fitness training, and advice for sports participation.