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Americans are becoming increasingly active with their leisure time. With this increase in activity level, greater demands are placed on the body, which increases the potential for injury. Here at Active Physical Therapy, we are concerned with injury prevention. We specialize in biomechanical evaluation of athletes. Whether you are a professional athlete or an inspiring exercise enthusiast, we can analyze potential problems with your biomechanics, exercise routine and training equipment, which may hinder optimal performance. At Active Physical Therapy you can learn the signs of overtraining, develop an effective stretching/strengthening routine, be advised on footwear, and have your bicycle set-up/positioning assessed. These are but a few of the preventive topics we cover at Active Physical Therapy.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation
In the event of an injury, whether activity or sport related, the goal is to get you back to your activity as soon as possible. At Active Physical Therapy, we specialize in sports therapy, utilizing the latest technology and proven manual therapy techniques. Serving as an athletic rehabilitation site for Bishop Garcia Diego High School, and a consultant for athletic clubs in town, Active Physical Therapy has developed a reputation as a leading sports rehabilitation center in Santa Barbara. In addition, Active Physical Therapy has a working relationship with the top sports/orthopedic doctors in Santa Barbara, providing patients a powerful therapeutic knowledge base. Come to Active Physical Therapy and discover what "ACTIVE" is all about.