Quality Assurance

Periodically, you will be asked to complete our Quality Assurance Check. This will help us to be sure you are achieving your treatment goals and that we are able to help you as much as possible.

1. What was the major problem you came here to resolve? Have you resolved it?

2. How would you describe the level of pain you had when you first came to the clinic? How would you describe it now?

3. With regard to the long-term, what is that you still hope to accomplish in your treatment program with us?

4. Have you had difficulties at our front desk: scheduling, billing, etc.? If yes, please describe.

5. Were you cared for well personally, or were you ever neglected, etc.?

6. Do you understand your condition and what caused you to have your problem well enough that you will not reinjure yourself and can maintain your improved condition?